Thursday, December 8, 2016


SPYSTAR (also known as "SPYSTAR: The Man from L.E.W.D."
The world is caught up in a dark web of intrigue- "Espiocracy" where webs of deceit and a world befuddled in encrypted secret messages, where tradecraft is a way of life between thousands of factions of spy agencies.

SPYSTAR is a game show, like "The Great Spy Race" by Adam Diment, where spies vie to be the SPYSTAR. They even fight to the death as they try to accomplish spy missions.

Agent David, a newbie in SPYSTAR, accidentally stumbles in a run-down abandoned laboratory. He accidentally triggers the  L.E.W.D. program (Leprechaun Espionage Wild Division) a psychedelic hypnosis operating system that programs spies to be superspies. The spy is so brainwashed, that they speak and talk to psychedelic leprechauns in O.E.V. (Open-Eyed Visuals), who no one else can see. These psychedelic O.E.V. leprechuans assist the spy in misisons and act as sidekick. They can even scout, and take pics of upskirts of girls panties, and provide intel and do all kinds of tradecraft.